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Your wedding images will be some of your most celebrated heirlooms. I don't take the honor lightly and have cultivated a photography experience that ensures every meaningful detail is captured with care. From your sparkling diamond and cascading bouquet to the first kiss and candlelit dance, I use a blend of gentle direction and intentional observation to create photographs that authentically illustrate your day.

When you jump on board with me, you will be absolutely taken care of. From the timeline and details to corralling the bridal party and keeping everyone calm, I'm passionate about going above my duties as a photographer and embracing the role as your storyteller and friend.  Our offerings begin at 9800. Please fill out a contact form for availability and more detailed information.

Meet Tiffaney


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WIth a heart for genuine emotion & an eye for elegant detail, I'm here to make sure your wedding photographs leave a lasting impact

European architecture, cozy cups of afternoon tea, and long strolls with my three pups bring joy to my everyday life as does serving my clients with a sophisticated and joyful photography experience. When I'm not crafting memorable images for my couples, I can be found traveling with my family in tow. Whether walking along Main Street Disney or cobblestone streets in far flung destinations I'm sure to have my camera in hand and an eye for the immense beauty that surrounds me.

Choosing a storyteller who'll beautifully capture your most treasured moments is not to be taken lightly. If your heart longs for photographs that capture authentic emotion, artfully arranged details, and your unique story through a lens of creamy pastels, you're in the right place.  I'm Tiffaney, a film photographer, wife to my love, and mother of four. I have had the immense privilege of documenting the most exquisite weddings in Chicago and beyond for over seven years. 

Photography is a way of feeling, of touching, of loving 

Afternoon Darjeeling Paired with a Scone

Cobblestone Streets Lined with Architectural Beauty

Dogs. The floppier the ears, the better

My beloved family, of course

The magical streets of Disney

Meet Us


the little things

An afternoon ritual that brings my teacup-collecting, British loving heart endless comfort.  You'll often find me putting a fresh pot on to boil when I need a pick-me-up.

Afternoon darjeeling paired with a scone

Old churches, gothic details, and European design leave me breathless. I could happily walk cobblestone streets with a camera in hand all day. 

Cobblestone streets lined with architectural beauty

If you bring your dog to sessions or weddings I'll get googly eyed! Seriously, bring them. I love dogs. We have an english creme golden retriever named Ramen. He's my baby.

Dogs. The floppier the ears, the better.

My incredible husband is my assistant and helps at every wedding and engagement session while our four children bring joy to my days. I always say we are a circus of fun wherever we go. 

My Beloved family, of course. 

Disney is one of my favorite places in this wide world. The pastel colors, the beautiful stores on main street, and obviously the fun. I am head over heels in love with the mouse.

The magical streets of Disney

I have two large cabinets full to the brim of vintage styling items. Antique trays, hangers, ribbons, silks, little french details, ring boxes, stamps, wax seals, and calligraphy scrolls. You name it, I love it.

An assortment of vintage treasures

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