Flat Lay & Styling Workshop
Near Chicago
Wednesday, February 19, 2020

An artfully curated flat lay can not only elevate your brand to attract luxury clientele, it can also enhance your storytelling. Whether you're creating on a wedding day, for an editorial, or a designer's campaign, your styling and vision are what can set you apart and further define your brand. You will sharpen and refine these skills with me through a blend of gentle direction, hands on learning, and practice. I will also show you how I capture my flat lays, and will provide personal direction for yours.

You will add beautiful new content to your portfolio with several pre-styled flat lays that have a wide variety of details, color palettes, and styles. You will then be given the opportunity to restyle your own flat lays using an abundance of florals, fruits, details, and carefully selected props. If you aren't bringing a camera, I will happily capture your uniquely designed flat lays for your portfolio.

Join me for the full or half day option of a bespoke workshop at the Loft of Elements Preserved in Chicagoland where I will explain my thought process and vision when creating flat lays and styling the details for wedding days, editorials, and beyond. You will learn the how and why of cultivating a story through the details of the day. We will also be working with models for styled bridal portraits and styled vignettes of details.

Refine Your Styling

As artists we love to create and sometimes our visions can take much more time than we are given on a wedding day. We have all been there. A box of beautiful details lovingly selected by your client sits in front of you, and you have an hour (if you are lucky) to create these works of art that best represents your vision of their day. As you calmly set up shop in a quiet corner of the hotel room, your mind is now flying through all of the different set ups of details that you want to capture.

It doesn't have to be stressful. We will go over my thought process and methods of styling details and flat lays in a fine art editorial style that is unique to the client while still being consistent with your portfolio in a realistic time crunch. I will be "live styling" details for you in a timed scenario to show you my "list" of detail set ups and the order I capture them in. You will learn to confidently create those beautifully polished flat lays on a real wedding day that are exquisitely styled without derailing your timeline. 


realistic Adaptation

If you are interested in refining your flat lay and styling skills I would love for you to join me. Whether you are a photographer, planner, stylist, calligrapher, influencer, or any creative who wants to add detail and product styling to their portfolio. You will walk away from this workshop with confidence in styling your flat lays in a thoughtfully curated editorial style, and the ability to apply these skills quickly and consistently on a wedding day.

Full Day attendees will receive a new headshot by Tiffaney, and a catered lunch and refreshments will be provided.

10am - 5pm

Florals -
Couture Desserts - Trouvaille Bakery
Calligraphy - Every Little Something
Rings - Victor Barbone
Albums & Products - Dekora Album Co.
Shoes - Bella Belle
Backdrops - JRD_Artshop
Styling Surfaces - Locust Collection
Rentals - Elements Preserved
Film Processing - PhotoVision
And many more to come

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Full Day - $695

Half Day - $375

Dynamic Duo special pricing - includes a 20% discount for each ticket full day ticket when bought in pairs. Bring a friend, come as a team, network with someone - either way your duo gets a discount.