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When the flowers are dried and your gown is tucked away, the only tangible memories you'll have of your wedding day are your photographs. Investing in heirlooms you can actually hold and pass down to generations is deeply important and an art that has been lost in our digital world. Your love story is unforgettable and deserves to be presented in a way that will forever take you back in time to every sweet moment. That's why I'm a photographer, and why I offer a line of luxury albums, fine art prints, and keepsakes that will not only bring you joy throughout your marriage...but be passed down as an illustration of your legacy.


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As a lover of history and all things nostalgic, I'm deeply passionate about the heirlooms that will bring your moments and memories to life for years to come. Your children, grandchildren, and ancestors will be given a glimpse into their history and most importantly can relive all of these joyous moments like they were there. Please inquire for more detailed information about the Tiffaney Childs product line.

For a less traditional but equally stunning take on the wedding album, many of our clients opt for our unbound wedding albums. Your wedding photo selections will be printed on the finest prints and stored in a sturdy yet elegant box. We love this option for those who love to physically hold and treasure each images in their hands. 

03.Unbound albums

Fine art prints are the perfect way to display and gift your wedding photos. Using only the finest paper quality and true-to-life colors, our prints will truly stand the test of time and bring your photos to life. You can order prints individually or purchase an entire set with a gorgeous linen storage box. 

02. Fine art Prints

I offer two types of albums: Signature and Fine Art. Both are of impeccable quality, mesh with every style, and will act as one of your most treasured reminders of your wedding day. I custom design every album and work with you directly to ensure the every image and layout is selected with care. Albums begin at $1000 and take 4-6 weeks from start to finish. 

01. Handcrafted Albums


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